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Welcome to Making MomentsTM, a website for parents of children with ADHD that features videos and articles from a dedicated panel of ADHD experts and aims to provide parents with ideas and suggestions to help navigate everyday life. The experts, your H.O.M.E. (Helping Our Moms and Dads Everyday) Team, discuss family and relationships, parenting a child with ADHD, the concept of setting aside time to take care of yourself and information to help guide your child through school.

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Family & Relationships

  • Suggestions for Balancing Your Marriage, Friendships and Family Relationships
  • Potential Ways to Discuss
    ADHD With Others
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Time for Me

  • Carving Out Time to Take Care of Yourself
  • Strategies to Help Maintain Your Own
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Parenting & ADHD

  • Potential Ideas for Nurturing and Caring for a Child With ADHD
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Classroom Considerations

  • Tips to Help Navigate and Build Relationships at Your Child’s School

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