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Michele Borba, EdD

  • 321
    Time For Me
    Breaking Negative Patterns

    Michele Borba shares her experiences on changing negative patterns, which she has learned from working with families

  • 331
    Classroom Considerations
    Discussion Points for Conversations With Teachers

    Michele Borba discusses potential conversation topics that parents can bring up during parent teacher conferences

  • 176
    Time For Me
    Mommy Time Out

    Michele Borba discusses carving out personal time for yourself

  • 151
    Family and Relationships
    Setting Expectations

    Michele Borba discusses her suggestions for setting realistic expectations with loved ones

  • 21
    Parenting and ADHD
    The Importance of Positive Reinforcement and Motivation

    Michele Borba discusses her thoughts on encouraging children to embrace their talents/goals

Lisa Shives, MD

  • 401
    Parenting and ADHD
    Sleep Schedules and How They Affect the Family

    Dr. Lisa Shives talks about the importance of sleep for families

  • 171
    Time For Me
    A Better Bedtime: Good Sleep Habits

    Dr. Lisa Shives provides tips on building better sleep routines

  • 141
    Time For Me
    Relaxation Before Bed

    Dr. Lisa Shives discusses ways to help you relax before bed

Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, PCC

  • 396
    Parenting and ADHD
    Parenting Together: Getting on the Same Page

    Elaine Taylor-Klaus shares her experiences co-parenting with her husband

  • 406
    Parenting and ADHD
    Getting Ready in the Morning

    Elaine Taylor-Klaus describes her family’s busy morning routine and her key learnings for other parents

  • 391
    Family and Relationships
    Personal Stories From Families With ADHD

    Kirk Martin and Elaine Taylor-Klaus share their personal experiences with ADHD

  • 311
    Parenting and ADHD
    Embracing Your Child’s Talents

    Elaine Taylor-Klaus talks about how she has embraced her daughter’s talent

  • 416
    Classroom Considerations
    Prepping for Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Elaine Taylor-Klaus talks about how she approaches parent-teacher conferences

  • 326
    Time For Me
    Finding a Path Forward for My Family and Myself

    Elaine Taylor-Klaus discusses her diagnosis with ADHD and how ADHD has affected her family

  • 306
    Family and Relationships
    Celebrating Daily Winning Moments

    Elaine Taylor-Klaus discusses how she celebrates the positive traits and behaviors in her children

  • 161
    Parenting and ADHD
    Dealing with Internal & External Judgment

    Elaine Taylor-Klaus discusses how she has dealt with feeling like her parenting skills were being judged by other parents

  • 191
    Classroom Considerations
    Suggestions for Building Strong Relationships with Teachers

    Elaine Taylor-Klaus discusses having an open communication line with your child’s teacher about your child’s progress in school

  • 146
    Parenting and ADHD
    Worried Sick about Your Child’s Future? How to Help Manage the Anxiety

    Elaine Taylor-Klaus talks about focusing on the present instead of worrying about the future

  • 31
    Classroom Considerations
    Ways to Assist Building a Family Team

    Elaine Taylor-Klaus discusses how her family has accepted their differences and learned to work together

Kirk Martin

  • 411
    Time For Me
    Tips on Taking Care of Yourself

    Kirk Martin shares tips he used to help navigate his busy lifestyle

  • 316
    Parenting and ADHD
    A Tip for Handling New Situations
    Kirk Martin shares an approach he took to help his son adjust to new situations
  • 241
    Classroom Considerations
    Sensory Strip for Fidgeting

    Kirk Martin discusses a multi-textured fabric strip that he has utilized with his son to help him focus during class

  • 196
    Family and Relationships
    Making Moments With Your ADHD Family

    Kirk Martin discusses the impact ADHD has had on his family and how he has embraced his family’s dynamic

  • 276
    Classroom Considerations
    Homework and the Child with ADHD

    Kirk Martin discusses homework time and how he helped his son accomplish his work

  • 186
    Family and Relationships
    Nurturing Your Marriage

    Kirk Martin discusses steps he’s taken to work toward strengthening his relationship with his spouse

  • 156
    Parenting and ADHD
    Potential Methods to Manage Meltdowns

    Kirk Martin describes how he has diffused emotional situations

  • 271
    Family and Relationships
    Feeling Left Out

    Kirk Martin talks about being excluded from events and how he conveyed his son’s positive qualities to friends and families